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Clifford D. McGraw Jr.

"Showing my work, sharing my knowledge, and improving myself."

    Welcome to my website. As a Network Engineer, you accept a life of continuous learning. There are a number of things that I've had to learn that weren't tailored for Network Engineers, or are being taught in ways that aren't the most digestible. I aim to teach these concepts in a way that is easier to understand for other network engineers who would like to get straight to the point of what's needed in order for them to be more efficient and more marketable. 

    I believe in showing my work. In order to inspire those who are looking to follow my footsteps, or satisfy the curiosity of those looking for my accomplishments, a foot trail is needed. Therefore, this website will also serve as a living resume of all the accomplishments I have and will have in the future.

     I am focused on self improvement, and competing at the highest level capable. This website is not to brag about what I have. I will use this website as a reminder to myself and an exhibit to whomever views it of where I stand in the world of Network Engineering. I appreciate you taking the time to visit this website. The link to my contact info is below.

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